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Premier Caliper and Deformation Solutions

The Enduro Digitel Data Logger(DdL) and Digitel Data Logger Direct Wall (DdL – DW) offers both radius point readings and diametrical cross-sectional analysis; multiple channels are provided offering the ability to log pipeline anomalies in clock orientation. The gyro inputs provide the ability to determine bend radii and bend direction. GPS available for every Pipeline Line Listing Event.

The DdL Advantage

  • High resolution sensors / Direct Wall
  • 0.100 inch (2.54 mm) axial resolution
  • 100% true circumferential coverage
  • Precise buckle and wrinkle measurement
Photo of Enduro DdL DW device

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Photo of AGM device

A Supporting Cast - AGM

The Above Ground Marker (AGM) is available for all DdL and DdL - DW surveys. Enduro's traditional AGM equipment provides a reference location at specific points along the pipeline. These locations are logged directly to DdL and DdL - DW units for future reference and location assistance.

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XYZ Mapping & Everything In-Between

Global Positioning System (GPS) equipment works well with the DdL and DdL - DW. Excavations may be determined from logged GPS readings and given in GPS excavation points.

With the use of twin gyros in the DdL and DdL - DW, profiling and mapping of the pipeline is possible, as direction and angle readings are made on all bends. Bends are easily seen and may be used as reference locations when locating anomalies. Enduro's DdL equipment is capable of traversing and recording bend radii of 1.5 times pipe diameter. (Bends of 1 diameter have been logged with special tool adaptation.)


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